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Why get your album or single mastered?

In today’s competitive market the standards of production are extremely high. When mixing sometimes you get to close to the tracks to hear what's required for the over all album. Sometimes another set of ears is all that is required to add the small but essential final touches. The mastering engineer can bring out that excitement in your tracks and present them optimally in the final master mix, be it digital or analog.

Will it make a difference?

Yes. It will make a subtle but essential difference to the album or track. It's the final step in the process of making a vinyl record, digital CD or high definition audio DVD.
The musician: performs.
The engineer: captures the sounds.
The producer: orchestrates and blends.
The mastering engineer: enhances, balances and collates.

Is it worth the extra cost of mastering?

If the album or track is worth releasing, it is worth getting mastered properly.
Any savings on the cost of mastering could well be lost many fold in sales.
This is not a foregone conclusion but very highly probable.
The mastering engineer is trained to listen very closely to every nuance within the piece. They will enhance, balance and optimize each track on the album to give it an exciting and cohesive style.

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