Digital and analod mastering studios
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What does the mastering engineer do?

This varies from album to album depending on genre and style.
Basically though it is:
The final aural and spatial components.
Final equalization.
Stereo balance.
Final compression.
Collating album master. Correct track order and subtle high and lows.
This is all carried out in acoustically designed monitoring rooms.

How is this process normally carried out?

Generally the artist sends a copy of the master mix from the studio to the mastering house for assessment.
Sometimes mp3 copies are sent for assessment first to see if there are any changes required to the studio mix.
Sometimes a backing mix and vocal mix are sent separately for final blend and balance by the mastering engineer.
If you are not sure, don't worry, it costs nothing to talk....

In what formats can the final master be delivered?

At we can process and render your master tracks into what ever format is required by the duplication plant.
Just tell us what format and we can deliver the digital or analog masters you require for pressing. We can also render off a copy on CD or high definition DVD for assessing the durability of the mix through various systems.

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