Digital and analod mastering studios
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What is digit or analog mastering?

Digital mastering is done using software and analog mastering is done using analog equipment. At we use a combination of both.
Mastering is the final stage of the music production process prior to manufacture.

It is a vital step in making sure your music is consistent from one track to the next and is compatible on a variety of playback systems. Whatever your intended media we can put that professional polish on your music and make sure it will compete in the market place no matter what the genre.
We take a creative approach and always aim to deliver our client’s vision. Getting your music sounding how you want it is our goal.
We offer unbiased honest feedback to all our clients and love receiving it as well.

After mastering your tracks we can edit, order, and provide you with a reference copy for your approval and produce the appropriate master for manufacture.

We can provide most formats for manufacturing and duplication including.

Transfers and Dubbing.

We also offer transfer and dubbing services from most professional formats, just ask.


We are more than happy to offer advice about anything audio related and also offer a service to listen and critique your mixes prior to Mastering.
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